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Multiple Choice Questions or MCQ is a common format in many state or professional examinations, like engineering. For class test, the exam is marked manually by the teacher. In state or professional examinations, students normally need to shade a circle that corresponds to the correct answer. It is then read and marked automatically by an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) machine.

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Multiple choice questions ask a student to recognize a correct answer among a set of options that normally include 3 or (or sometimes) 4 wrong answers. This is in contrast to open ended or essay questions that ask the student to produce a correct answer entirely from his/her own mind.

There are a number of myths surrounding MCQ. Some say that the MCQ is the easiest type of exam. For some, it is difficult. Thru RandomMCQ, you will fully comprehend how MCQs really are.

Is MCQ is Easy?

Students commonly consider multiple choice questions easier than essay exams. Some of the reasons are:

  • Each question normally has a lower point value and thus offers less risk even if multiple choice exams usually contain many more questions than essay exams.
  • Multiple choice questions do not ask students to analyze new information or apply theories to new situations.
  • A student has a 25 percent chance to score points with a lucky guess.

Is MCQ is difficult?

On the contrary, multiple choice questions are actually more difficult than essay exams. Some of the reasons are:

  • Students to be familiar with a much broader range of material than essay exams do because of the number of questions involved
  • Students cannot easily “bluff” on a multiple choice exam as students need to be familiar with details such as specific dates, names, or vocabulary than most essay exams do.

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