How to prepare for a Mathematics Test and get high grades?

There are many students who only start studying or the test one week before the scheduled exam. As with different subjects, test preparation does not start one day, or one week, or one month  before the scheduled test. Test preparation should start in the first day of the class. Every student should expect that every subject will have an exam.

Mathematics is  no different. Don’t expect to understand math concepts if one will only start studying before the scheduled exam.

DO NOT STUDY RIGHT BEFORE THE TEST!!!!!!!!! If you were going to run a 5K or a marathon, how would you get there to the race? Would your run there? Of course not. That would wear you out. Don’t stress out your brain right before a test. It’s ok (and even a good idea) to get together with other students the day of the test and warm up by going through some problems.


Always practise Math problems. By practise we mean take a pen and paper and solve Math problems. Many students study Maths like they study theory subjects, i.e. they read and memorise. This is a wrong approach because you will surely forget the steps when you write the paper.

There truly is no substitute for rigor. A strong foundation in logic, set theory, and reasoning abilities is, in the long run, going to be the most efficient, and in turn, easiest way to study mathematical disciplines.

Make sure you understand the basic foundation of mathematics before going to the complex topics. Take good notes. Taking good notes means writing down enough of what is written on the board, and spoken aloud, and skipped, etc., so that you can go back and follow every single step. Maintain a formula book to write formulae chapter wise. This will save time during revision.

Math is cumulative, meaning the concepts build on previous concepts. If you don’t work some problems between classes, you are going to get behind. perspective combined with lots of mechanical practice is the best way to build a preliminary concept and skill.

If you’ve done all of the above, you should have a really good grasp of the material. At this point, studying is just seeing how all of the pieces fit together and reinforcing concepts.

Read your notes from beginning to end. Make sure you understand where every symbol and number come from.

Work on practice tests. Do the practice test that cover all of the material that will be on the exam. Take the practice test without your notes, or book, or any help at all in a timed setting. Practise different types of questions without looking at the solution at first and develop problem-solving skills to tackle any tricky question

For any questions you got wrong, find 5 similar problems and work the problems.

DO NOT KEEP RE-WORKING THE SAME PRACTICE TEST OVER AND OVER. Working the same problem over and over is ALWAYS a waste of time. You are not learning anything. You are memorizing, and your memory will fail you if you don’t understand the concepts.

RandomMCQ has all that. It has sufficient number of practice tests that covers the topics that you need.

There is no shortcut to scoring high marks in the exams. The only way is to study and practise, but keep these points in mind while studying and writing exams

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