Conquering MCQ

There is no good substitute for knowing the right answer than to study carefully before the exam. Even a well-prepared student can make silly mistakes on a multiple choice exam, however, or can fall prey to distracters that look very similar to the correct answer. RandomMCQ will always prepare you for the exam.

Try to anticipate the correct response before you are distracted by seeing the options that your instructor has provided by covering up the possible responses with a piece of paper or with your hand while you read the body of the question.

  • If you see the expected answer, circle it and then check to be sure that none of the other responses is better.
  • If you do not see an answer that you expected, then considering some of the strategies will be useful to eliminate possible wrong answers

How to eliminate possible wrong answers

  1. Answers that has words such as “always” or “never” are less likely to be correct than ones that use conditional words like “usually” or “probably.”
  2. “Funny” responses are usually wrong.
  3. If you can verify that more than one of the other responses is probably correct, then choose “all of the above.”
  4. “None of the above” is usually less reliable than the “all of the above” rule. Be very careful not to be trapped by double negatives.
  • If the questions ends with the indefinite article “an,” for example, then the correct response probably begins with a vowel.
  • The longest response is often the correct one.
  • Look for verbal associations. A response that repeats key words that are in the question is likely to be correct.
  • If all else fails, choose response (b) or (c). Many instructors subconsciously feel that the correct answer is “hidden” better if it is surrounded by distracters. Response (a) is usually least likely to be the correct one.
  • If you cannot answer a question within a minute or less, skip it and plan to come back later.
  • Transfer all responses to the answer sheet at the same time, once you have marked all questions on your exam.
  •  Take the time to check your work before you hand in the answer sheet.

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